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Electronic-Watchdog / ALARM SYSTEM only 69 €, Rex the Electronic WAtchdog

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Electronic Watchdog watch dog

The Electronic-Watchdog is a Radar waves system / Newest Version CE certificate
motion detector

inclusive 4 functions - optical: light grey blue

optional with KFZ CAR-12 V Adaption or with12 V Battery -Adaption ( cable with 2 clips)

  • There is a slider switch to switch 4 functions, you can option by yourself.
    • 1.1 A lot of Sounds for following water, frog /bird / owl singing ........
      This function is always on duty if you option this function.
      It sounds like you walk in the forest enjoying the nature and fresh air.
      You can enjoy these sounds in teatime, relax time and any time.
    • 1.2 Using electronic radar technology, it will detect and deter intruders by
      barking like a real guard dog. Radar waves can easily pierce doors, glass and walls.
      motion knob
    • 1.3 Visitor announcer
      When visitor come, it will sound "water flowing" slightly to announce someone visiting.
    • 1.4 Using electronic radar technology, it will detect and deter intruders by dog barking and alarm siren.
  • Radar waves can easily pierce doors, glass and walls.
  • It is suitable for any location.
  • No installation needed, adjustable sensitivity and volume control.
  • Range up to 6 meters.

Applicable Locations
Financing institute , office, private, home, Jewelry store, factory, warehouse, antique store, car cabinets, boats,  filling station, gas stations, petrol stations, service stations, banks, buildings, shop,
companies, stock, company grounds, shopping center, laboratory,
retirement homes, old peaple home, management, pump-room,
kiosk, telephone kiosks, caravan, van, mobile houses, trailers.

Size: L150 x W130 x H190 (mm) / Model number: ED-50 CE certificate


Elektronischer Wachhund


Elektronischer Wachhund


Defection Efficiancy
Materials Effekt on Range
Glass Slight reduction
Timber Doors Slight reduction
Plaster Medium reduction
Metal Heavy reduction Detection is possible when metal is moving or there is a clearance.
Curtains Slight reduction
Plastics Full reduction
Paper cartons Slight reduction

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Electrical Specifications

The device consumes very little electrical power when in the detecting mode, but use more power when activating.

Voltage: 15-18 VAC-DC
Frequency: 2,4 GHZ
Net Weight: 1.0 kg including AC Adapter
Power Detecting: 0.22 Watts
Power Barking: 2.6 Watts
Size (inches) 5.9 long x 5.12 wide x 7.48 high

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1. The unit is designed for use indoors or in hidden places.
2. Generally, the unit will not sense at a
moving object behind it, but it may at certain positions.
3. In this case try to change its positionslightly to be most effective.
4 The unit should be placed at a height of 1-1,5 meters (3-4 feet) from the floor to obtain the widest range of detection an security.

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